Party for total emancipation of Roma (PCER) tomorrow at 11.30 am will hold a peaceful protest march which will start from the parking lot near the sports hall “Kale”. Participants will go to the government building, where several activists, including President of PCER Samka Ibraimovski, will address the crowd and the general public.

Also, new audio recordings – “bombs” relating to elections in Shuto Orizari will be presented on the protest, but there will be no live broadcast online.

– There will be no streaming, because we are not VMRO, we are a poor party. We will play recordings through public address system, let people hear all that happened in Shuto Orizari – stated leader of PCER Samka Ibraimovski for META.

PCER call upon all citizens of Macedonia, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and party, i.e. all who support the truth and wish a bright future of this country, to join the march to say “stop” to, as PCER says, this illegitimate and dictatorial rule.

– We especially call Roma from Shuto Orizari and Topana to come and hear what happened on the elections in Shuto Orizari – said Samka Ibraimovski, President of PCER.