Przhino Agreement Imprecise: Minister should resign “on time” and the government “in due course”


The working groups of the political parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement, recently have closed down all problems in the sphere of the media. After the Przhino Agreement in December, two important milestones remain to be achieved: the resignation of the Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, and the election of a new Prime Minister, to be submitted after the first indictment by the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva.

If all deadlines and terms are respected (and here the Agreement is not exactly precise with its wording such as, “in due time” and “resign in time“), Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, along with the current government should resign over the New Year. Then President, Gjorge Ivanov should give his mandate to the party who has won the most seat in the last parliamentary elections, which would be VMRO-DPMNE. This party, however, the executive committee has to select its candidate for Prime Minister who has to be voted in Parliament by a simple majority.

Here is what the Przhino Agreement actually says:

The current government will submit his formal resignation to the Parliament in due time to allow the new government to be inaugurated on January 15, 2016, 100 days before the parliamentary elections which will be held on April 24, 2016 …

The above rule means that the current government will resign on time, 100 days before the next elections where the new Government shall be appointed….
Therefore, subject to interpretation, and perhaps the parties stubbornness is the exact date of the resignation of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski

The same (in) accuracy (“from – to“) is in the deadlines for the work of Ms Janeva. In a letter to the Council of Public Prosecutors of the work of the Special Prosecutor it said:

From December 15 to March 15 the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva and her team will initiate the first charges for cases related to the content of the conversations of the wire-tapped materials.

This means that Ms Janeva only has a deadline, and not a start date and the possible filing of charges, meaning that the first charges could come on any date between December 15 to March 15.

The Prime Minister, if you follow the deadlines required by law and observe all the dates, he “must” resign by the 15th of December. If, however, they insist on a political agreement as pro forma, it “could” happen on the 14th of January. In that case, just a day the President would have granted her mandate of VMRO-DPMNE and the same day the new government would be offered, and the proposal would be submitted to Parliament for a vote.

On the other hand, sources from the SDSM tell “Meta” that they are not interested when exactly the Prime Minister Gruevski will resign. As they say, in the Przhino Agreement, it precisely states when the new government should be formed, 100 days before elections.

“Will any of the deadlines be respected, for example, 10 days for the president to give the mandate and another 20 days to extend the mandate to the Parliament of a new government, this just does not interest us. Whether all days are used or everything will be solved in a day is irrelevant to us. We want the government without Gruevski in it, to be voted on January the 15th 2016”, say our sources at the SDSM.

The spokesman for the VMRO-DPMNE, Ivo Kotevski said that all deadlines laid down by the Przino Agreement will be respected and met.

“ We will be observe that all deadlines are met because elections in April the 24th 2016 citizens must be able to have their say” said Ivo Kotevski.

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