After the recess in the Criminal Court, the release of the wiretaps in the Titanic case continued. Out of a total 1,063 “bombs”, 219 have been released so far.

In a conversation that took place on May 31, 2011 between Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and Martin Protuger, head of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevki’s office, she tells him that the then MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Petar Pop Arsov is not popular with the public and asks that they give him another responsibility, so as to avoid going with him among the citizens.

“He is well-intentioned, but he is not popular”, says Jankuloska in the recording.

Five days before the elections, Protogjer asks Jankuloska whether they will beat the SDSM: “Will we beat them?” He asks, to which the the minister laughs. Protogjer then tells Jankuloska in a higher tone: “The night of the fifth, I will piss in A1’s mouth,” alluding to the affair with the candidate lists.

The Criminal Court heard in the “bombs” how Janakieski arranged transport companies to bring in voters and expatriates, at polling stations among the diaspora, at their expense.

Judge Osman Shabani scheduled two new court dates for the 12 and 24  September. The suspects in the SJO’s “Titanic” case are charged with criminal conspiracy, violation of the right to vote, violation of the freedom to vote, bribery, the destruction of election material and abuse of funds for financing election campaign.