“We demand the complete resignation of the whole Government, not only individuals, because cosmetic solutions are not enough. We demand not only political, but also legal liability for all corruption, offenses and crimes. Also, we demand the release of the 11 people who were detained and one person who is under house arrest because of the protests.” These are the demands of civil society “I protest”, which were expressed at today’s press conference in front of the Assembly.

They say that these resignations should not be used for early elections, but to form a transitional government that will clean up the voter list, will free institutions and organize new free and fair elections. At the press conference also spoke Orhan Sulejmani from “Student plenum”, who also demanded the release of his colleagues. He said that today’s protest in front of the Government will start at 6 pm, will continue in front of the Basic Court order and finish in front of the Assembly.

When asked, the representative of “I protest” answered that they don’t need an invitation by any party to come out on the streets.

– We protest for a long time and will continue until our demands are met – he said.

According to him, they still don’t have a coordinating body and have no position on the new ministers, but from what they read in the media, they believe that these ministers are controversial as well.