With speeches by activists, politicians, people from NGOs on a stage set in front of the bridge Goce Delchev, close to the government, ended today’s peaceful protest march of political association “Besa”.

At the protest, protesters conveyed three requests: “resignation of anti-Albanian, criminalized and corrupt government of Nikola Gruevski and Ali Ahmeti, revealing all Albanian truths in Macedonia and a new agreement for the country.”

– It is an Albanian protest out of simple reason that we are primarily talking about several motives. One is human, national motive, and we also have a political motive. Human motive is to resolve all politically manipulated cases, starting from “Sopot”, through “Brodec,” “Monster” and the case of Harun Aliu, i.e. liquidation of several leaders of “UCK”. Since the existence of the country, Albanians are highly discriminated and those things should be changed once and for all. Albanians have their political representatives, they have people who will run in all political battles to come to a great truth, and that is that we need to redefine this country with a common platform in which Albanians and Macedonians would be absolutely equal in all institutional segments – says Skender Rexhepi, one of the initiators of movement “Besa” in statement for “24 Vesti”.

Former MP and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Hisni Shaqiri also addressed the crowd of protesters and said they went to the protest to “restore the dignity of the Albanians in Macedonia.”

– We want to send out the message to the government of Gruevski and Ahmeti that the Albanians do not intend to back down. I had faith in my people in 2001, and today I’m back here with them – said Shaqiri.

At the protest also spoke president of the Party for Democratic Prosperity (PDP) Nexhat Bexheti, who, among other things, spoke of the poor economic and social situation in the country.

– Ali and Nicola went back in time and ruined the country, they occupy land, imprison innocent Albanians – said Bexheti.

The protest which was also attended several hundred activists, supporters and citizens, was peaceful, non-violent and well organized.