Protest at the Constitutional Court: They protect criminal associations instead of human rights


A larger group of citizens today for the third time, protested in front of the Constitutional Court. From civil platform “Ajde”, they delivered a letter to the Court stating that they should not be protecting criminal associations, but should be defending human rights.

Protesters threw toilet paper and carried signs: “You Are A Gang Of Criminals,” “Gel lost, Gangsters”, “Party State”, “No Justice – No Peace”, “Resignations”.

“I am protesting because as a citizen I am obliged to prevent injustice. The Constitutional Court should protect the separation of power, and not to violate it at the speed of light. All this is happening because of the criminal organization needs to hurry as to provide amnesty. They want to provide amnesty to those who have forged IDs who have prevented citizens to vote, and said “what difference does one ballot make” which organized deceased people to vote, and bribing people for money from the peoples’ budget”, said Zarko Trajanovski from the civil platform “Ajde”.

Journalist and activist Petrit Sarachini said that those who had committed electoral crimes such as fraud should be punished.

“This hollow facade was built with taxpayers’ money, and hiding behind it is ignorance and incompetence. The Constitutional Court is silent about the daily violations of human rights which goes unpunished. Those five judges who voted in favour who operate under the dictators notebook , we call upon them to vote according to the will of the citizens because there is little time left, and the citizens are losing their patience”, said Sarachini.

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