Protest in front of Government building has come to an end without major incidents


After a few minor provocations between police and protesters and broken glass on the editorial board of the weekly “Republika”, the protest in front of the government building has come to an end.

The Ministry of Interior informed that in today’s protests, five policemen were wounded and one protester was arrested.

Those with written messages addressed the cordon of police officers who secured the Government building. The messages read, “From our money you still eat bread ,, yet you beat us”, “Tell your children at home how today you defended them from the dictatorship that they will grow up in” and “How much more blood will we shed until we stand on one side”.

The withdrawal of the police from the government building was met with protesters applauding. .
Today demonstrators began their protest in front of Parliament , they then headed to the police station “Beko”, where 13 people are being detained after last night’s protests.

The atmosphere became tense after protesters clashed with police cordon at TCC “Plaza”, which makes access to the headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE nearly impossible.
Once stones and lit torches were thrown at them, police with water cannon (which were not used) and a cordon pushed protesters back towards the crossroads near the building Paloma Bianca, from where they moved towards the Government building.

At the protest outside Parliament, 82 civil society organizations demanded the postponement of the elections on June the 5th for an indefinite period of time, and thhe forming an interim that will implement reforms to create the conditions for free and fair elections and the separation of state from

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