Prosecutors sent Ms Janeva all the statistics and data on the “Bombs”

The Public Prosecutor said this afternoon that the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva has submitted a very detailed statistical review as well as data from the open cases arising from the content of the intercepted calls, which Ms Janeva had requested last week.

In the statement the Prosecution had details of the number of cases, the person against whom action was taken, the types of crime being investigated people who were questioned or gave statements before prosecutors, requested information, evidence, expert advice and opinions and other details.

As more information comes out, we are now talking a total of 35 cases which the competent prosecutors began investigations.

According to the prosecution, the Public Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption formed three cases in the Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje and an investigation was initiated in 30 cases, and one case by one began to work starting from basic public prosecutor’s offices in Bitola and Kumanovo.

In part of the statement of the prosecution it also stated that the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption misguided and opened proceedings on items that do not arise from the illegal interception of communications or the “bombs” of the opposition, but were mentioned in the media, due to the Special Public Prosecutor who has submitted these materials.