A representative of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office, Jovan Cvetanovski, addressed the Council today at the Skopje Appellate Court regarding the appeal for the actor Vlado Jovanovski concerning the violence that took place in Parliament on April 27th, last year, demanding that the actor be released from custody and be given a lenient measure to ensure his presence. According to Cvetanovski, the Council of the Basic Court Skopje 1 incorrectly determined the factual situation during the extension of the detention.

Addressing the three-member Council of the Appellate Court, headed by chairman Jani Nicha, Jovanovski’s lawyers, Stavre Dzikov and Donco Nakov, also called for the annulment of Jovanovski’s detention. Nakov also said that it is high time to determine the criteria for determining the pre-trial detention measure and not to make identical solutions in any case.