The prime minister and the ministers have cut down government expenditures by more than 65% during the second 6 months compared to the first 6 months, shows the upgraded tool for transparency at the government’s webpage.

“The government’s transparency is giving saving results and responsible spending. There are savings for all sorts of costs especially catering services where the expenditures were decreased by 6.352.591 denars compared to the 11. 000. 030 denars for the period between June – November 2017″inform the government.

Starting from today, the general public will have access to personal official expenditures by various officials during the periods between December 2017 – May 2018 and December 2014 – May 2015 with a possibility for making a comparison between various officials, institution and periods.

The transparency tool was promoted in March when the Minister without portfolio and in charge of Communications, Accountability, and Transparency, Robert Popovski presented and compared the expenditures of the ministers of this and the previous government for the periods between June – November 2014 and June – November 2017.

“The goal of the tool is to perform a monitoring over the expenditures and the work of the officials and to impose and promote values that this government strongly strives for: saving the citizens’ money and working responsibly as well as transparency and accountability for the citizens,” said the press release.