Priebe’s Report is realistic and we will use it to upgrade the “3-6-9” plan, says the Government

Priebe’s Report released today gives a realistic picture of the systemic and long-standing challenges that the Government inherited after getting in power in June 2017, finding a captive state, according to Government response to a new report by the European Commission’s Expert Group, led by Reinhard Priebe.

“It is exactly in the first 100 days of working, the new Government managed to perceive these problems and worried about the past lost time and opportunities, prepared a reform ” 3-6-9 ” plan which already covers part of the problems identified in the new Report by Priebe’s Expert Group and opens a way for solutions. We emphasize that the Priebe’s Report published today, will be used as a direction for upgrading and improving the “3-6-9” plan, as well as for determining the priority measures for the next period”, a statement from the government’s press office says.

They emphasize that the Government has a serious approach to the essential changes which need to be made, not only plans and strategic documents, but also in practice, without repeating mistakes from the past.