Price of electricity might go up immensely if coal production continues

The price of electricity might get increased if the production based on coal isn’t substituted with other economically and ecologically
sustainable sources. This is the main message that the European Energy Community has issued to our country as well as others in Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region that will have to become a part of EU’s inner energy market.

They state that the JIE countries plus Ukraine are supporting the coal production capacities with 2.4 billion euros annually and that without state subsidies none of the coal power plants wouldn’t be working without losses.

Without an appropriate substitution with other energy sources, the price of the electricity for households in this country would get increased by 29%, 23% in Kosovo, 31% in Bosnia, 37% in Monte Negro and 49% in Serbia.

In such circumstances, the price for industrial prices for industrial consumers would have to be increased by 34% in this country, 36% in Montenegro, 30% in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 18% in Serbia.