At the meeting held today, Presidency of the General Council of DUI discussed the latest political developments in the country since the political parties have not reached an agreement in Brussels on 10th of June.

Once party leader Ali Ahmeti informed the membership, DUI presidency expressed disappointment with the failure of negotiations and breach of agreement signed between the leaders of the four main political parties in the country.

DUI believes that the agreement reached by political leaders on 2nd of June, and supported by international partners, continues to be a good basis for overcoming the crisis.

Therefore, DUI invite leaders of political parties in the country to think seriously about finding a solution for the realization of the agreement of 2nd of June, in which narrow party interests would be exceeded and the interests of citizens and the country would be put in the first place.

They are calling on international partners to continue with their efforts and not lose faith in the capacity, will and commitment of the leaders to find a solution to the crisis.

Presidency of the General Council informed that it reviewed DUI’s position in relation to the recent developments and decided to put the matter in front of the General Council as the highest body of the party, leaving all options for the position of DUI in the future open.