Извор на фотографија: Претседател на РСМ

At the vaccination station in Kumanovo, the President of the Republic of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski received the jab against COVID-19. In accordance with the national vaccination program, President Pendarovski decided together with members of his cabinet to get the vaccines in this municipality, in order to raise the awareness of the need for vaccination, informed the President of RNM’s Cabinet.

“I received the schedule for vaccination yesterday, but we were on an official trip that was scheduled a while ago, attending a regional gathering. I decided to get the vaccine myself in another city since I saw there were speculations, misinformation that allegedly some types of vaccines were administered in Skopje while other types were administered in other cities. This is why we should act against this speculation, and I think it is the best for the others  holding positions to do likewise,” said President Pendarovski.