Ivanov: The political environment has become so polluted it has begun to suffocate us


At today’s annual speech, President Gjorge Ivanov addressed Parliament and devoted his words to the political crisis in Macedonia, the challenges facing the world, terrorism, extremism, and the refugee and migrant crisis.
Ivanov said that the year we are leaving behind us, Macedonia faced enormous challenges, both globally and domestically. The President said that Macedonia in this last year faced three main threats; the political crisis, the security threat and the migrant and refugee crisis.
He kept to the Przhino Agreement, for the conditional recommendation for Macedonia from the EU and Macedonia’s membership in NATO.
Ivanov said that in the past six years, Macedonia went through three political crises, each one deeper than the last. He recalled that in his speech last year he had said that dialogue should be the key word in the past year, but according to the President, he dropped out, as the political environment has become so polluted with doubt and suspicion it has begun to suffocate Macedonian society.
According to him, the EU report is objective, even the part which mentions that the political culture is divided, which is just an elegant explanation for the lack of political culture. He says that it is a valuable lesson to show political parties how to act and most importantly not to act. According to the President, the absence of political dialogue lead to the political crisis, and this crisis has opened doors to security threats.
As for the migrant and refugee crisis the President said that that has been one of the biggest challenges faced by countries and all of mankind in the last 50 years. According to President Ivanov, the EU were caught off guard in the case of the migrants, and Macedonia had to bear the consequences of the Union’s failures.
In his annual address President Ivanov also mentioned the media. He said that the media is the conscience of society and should therefore be the strongest supervisor of the operation of the country’s institutions.

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