Hundreds of people gathered in front of the Macedonian Radio and Television (MRTV) on the protest, which started at 12 pm, due to the refusal of national service to broadcast audio recordings of “bombs” announced by opposition leader Zoran Zaev.
In front of the attendants, apart from the leader of the protests Stojanche Angelov, also addressed prominent personalities from the social and cultural life of the country.
The doyen of Macedonian sports journalism, Atanas Kostovski, shared some of his experience with the crowd in MRTV, when, as he said, all information was reported and the television was a real service to the citizens.
– They want their truth be ours, but it cannot. We all know that spring is coming. Change will come as well. I suggest to my colleagues that it is time for many new shows – no title, but with reason – said Kostovski.
Actress Ana Kostovska sang the intro track from the legendary show produced by the then Radio Television Skopje, now MRTV, “Messy alphabet.”
– More than 30 years ago, I was starting my career in this structure, singing the alphabet of our democracy. But now it is time to sing the alphabet of the regime – Kostovska said.
In his address at today’s protest, Stojanche Angelov focused on the recordings from the last “bomb”, published by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and once again called on Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to resign.
– We don’t have elections in Macedonia. After everything we’ve heard, how we can think that this government is legitimate. I won’t go back a lot, I will just mention the past crimes of the government that we heard, the commission they took for the construction of highways. If they took so much only from highway construction, we can only imagine how much they took from “Skopje 2014”, dams, pipelines and other facilities. Gruevski, I once again urge you, resign. Even VMRO-DPMNE wants you anymore and they will not choose you as the president of the party on the next Congress – Angelov said.