Members of the Committee on Education, Science and Sports are still reading amendments to the laws on education. After two breaks, at today’s committee, MPs managed to consider only amendments to the laws on primary and secondary education, changing the statute of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and got stuck at the item bill for teachers in primary and secondary schools.

DPA MP Bekim Fazliu asked the Committee for an equal representation for verification of programs of the faculties of pedagogy, i.e. they to employ Albanians as well.

– You perform Macedonianisation of the education and don’t respect the principle of equal representation – said Bekim Fazliu.

Minister of Education Abdilakim Ademi said that employees in the committee will have to meet the criteria, regardless if they are Albanians and Macedonians.

The item for the amendments to the Law on higher education is the last on the agenda.