As of today, MPs of SDSM are officially registered in the Assembly as “resigning MPs,” not as MPs who should be deprived of the mandate.

In the report “My MP”, which shows the performance of the members from May to December 2014, opposition MPs are registered as “resigning MPs.”

At the beginning of December last year, MPs who are members of the Assembly Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory-Immunity Issues, decided to submit to the Speaker of the Assembly Trajko Veljanoski a report which proposes to revoke the mandates of opposition MPs for not participated in the work of the Assembly, nor informed the Speaker that they will justifiably absent from the work of the Assembly. Then, MP Zoran Ilioski of VMRO-DPMNE said that opposition MPs didn’t care about the obligations, while they used the rights they are entitled to with the mandate.

– If they really wanted to resign, they could have come to the first session in person, no one can stop them, to request to speak, to stand in front of the booth and say I resign and then leave – said Ilioski at the committee on which the absence of opposition MPs was discussed.

When opposition MPs resigned, the Assembly did not recognize them, saying they failed to comply with the procedures and therefore scheduled a session to vote on revoking their mandates. Due to the non-recognition of resignations, many MPs of SDSM lost their previous jobs because they are registered as employees at the Assembly.

Petre Shilegov, spokesman SDSM, says he has no comment on what happened in the Assembly.

– We have resigned and remain at that position, and the Assembly could have concluded our resignations at the next session and such situations could have been avoided – says Shilegov.

According to Professor Mirjana Najchevska, the category “resigning MPs” does not exist nor by the Constitution, nor under the law.