From all the evidence we have in our possession, we can confirm that Kosta Krpač committed suicide, however, we are currently looking into the reason he took his own life, said the prosecutions brief.  

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) questioned 19 people, and from those, 10 were officers from the MOI who were on the scene of the investigation on the day of his suicide. The PPO accused the Special Public Prosecution of not submitting the report together with the statements by Krpač where he revealed that he had received threats.

“The SPO itself reported that Krpač had received threats. If true, that prosecution office should have made a report and recorded his statements. All we ask for is the records so we can put the whole mosaic together”, claimed the prosecution.

 As reported by the PPO, after April 6, Kosta Krpač’s house was searched, and the next day he volunteered to be a witness for the SPO.  From that day onwards his mood changed, and this can be confirmed by several witnesses who were examined by the prosecutor.

The PPO said that they had tried to get into his mobile phone (Sony) but they could not get passed the password, even experts could not access the mobile telephone.

“Krpač fired his weapon outside the apartment, but it is still unknown who was firing at and why. So once again we asked the SPO to handover the statements he gave so we can complete the case”, said the Public Prosecution.