The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prilep is investigating the facts and gathering evidence in regard to the attacks and hate speech that took place during the celebration of the state holiday at Meckin Kamen, reports the PPO.

“The prosecution has received criminal charges filed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs – SIA Bitola against two individuals and other unknown individuals have also received charges for committing a criminal act – causing hatred, strife or intolerance on a national, racial, religious and other discriminatory basis from Article 319 of the Criminal Code” , say the PPO.

The criminal charges against two suspects from Bitola, whose identities are unknown at this time, are being charged with using hate speech that was recorded on video and broadcast on one of the national televisions during the celebration.

The PPO adds that a competent prosecutor from the Public Prosecutor’s Office Prilep is continuously undertaking actions to clear up the criminal justice event.