Shtip emergency department remained without head after warden Sunchica Postolova went to work in Germany. Doctor Postolova joined several dozen young doctors from Eastern Macedonia, who went to work in German hospitals last year. Shtip emergency department previously was left by another doctor, who also went to Germany. From Health Center say that the outflow of primary care physicians is increasing, unlike the hospital, where specialists are bound by contract or don’t want to leave after years of specialization.

Three infirmaries were closed in villages in Kochani region. Two of the three rural infirmaries were closed after family physicians went abroad. Rural infirmaries have a difficulty finding doctors. President of the Association of private doctors, Lili Cholakova – Dervishova, said it was because of the fact that charges for maintenance of surgeries are big, and doctors are reluctant to work in rural areas. No less influence has the selection of patients to the doctor in places where there a pharmacy, from where they can be immediately equipped with drugs.

However, the trend of migration of doctors abroad, mainly in Germany, is reflected in all parts of the country. On Facebook, there is an active group with over 600 members called “Macedonian Association of Physicians in Germany”, while in the group “Doctors who learn German”, you can find tips on how to find literature and fast courses in German, as well as learning the language online. In both groups, there are experiences of Macedonian doctors from medical practice in Germany and details about the procedure and the necessary documentation.

President of the Association of private doctors Cholakova-Dervishova said that the number of young doctors who went abroad is astounding. According to their calculations, viewed by cities, about 300 doctors left in 2013 and 2014.