The Refugee ordeal in Idomeni is deteriorating as fast as the weather. About 12,000 refugees are stuck in the mud and garbage in the refugee camp amid heavy rain which is expected to last until Wednesday.

In desperation a small group of refugee children have laid down on the rail tracks begging for the borders to be opened. The scene of children with cardboard signs saying “Open the borders,” “We may be children, and not know much, we are children and we do not know much,but we believe that if someone behaves without honour because someone was born elsewhere on the planet, it is racism” were filmed by the TV channel “Ruptly”.

The video has been circulating through the Greek media, creating additional worry about whats happening to the refugees and the huge number of children who have been in the cold and rain for days waiting in thin tents in the hope that the borders will be opened.

More concerns have forced the Greek Health Service to announce that they have located a case of a child with hepatitis in Idomeni. According to the announcement from the health service, they detected a case of hepatitis in a small 9-year-old child from Syria who was in camp at Idomeni. The child was transferred to a hospital in Thessaloniki for treatment.

Health services are trying to help about how much they raise awareness about the hygienic conditions in the camp,and appealing to those at the camp to frequently clean the toilets and to drink only clean and drinking water. They also want to introduce a measure to vaccinate those who were close to the child in order to avoid additional problems.

Yesterday it was distressing to see a young refugee from Syria playing the piano in the middle of the rain and mud in Idomeni, especially after she had not played the piano in such a long time. “Art Beat the War Yesterday,” wrote the Greek news agency APE which reported the news and the image of 24-year-old Noor Al Hizam playing the white piano covered with a large waterproof bag surrounded by refugees.

“I hope that we will have peace in Syria and that people can cross borders and live freely. I hope that the people who suffer here like me no longer have to suffer”, Noor told reporters.

She has been stuck for days in Idomeni together with her parents and she told reporters she hopes they open the borders so she can find her husband in Germany.

The piano was brought to the camp for her by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who for the past few days has spent time in thee camp among the refugees.

Greek authorities persistently hand out flyers to refugees in Arabic urging them to move to other reception centers, stressing that the border is closed, and they need to clear the Idomeni camp quickly where conditions from day to day become worse and worse and unacceptable for living.