Message to the Mayor: Yes Koce, everything is political, life is political!


“Politics for traffic and safety. Politics for life. Politics for work. Politics for urbanization. Politics for the environment and parks. And everything else. Life is politics, ” read the statement from the civil movement “Koce, give us back our streets”. These words were delivered in reaction to the City of Skopje’s statement over the protest which was held a few days ago.
In the reaction of the citizens, they suggest that employees of the City of Skopje and the Mayor Koce Trajanovski go back for training in subjects such as local government, civil society and civil education and learn that everything is politics.

The reaction came when the City of Skopje issued a statement calling the protest was an ugly political game.

“We would like to explain to the authorities from the City of Skopje (those we hold responsible, including Koce Trajanovski directly, as mayor) that – yes, the protest which paid tribute to those killed in the streets of Skopje, which was to bring awareness that protection of road users who are not behind the wheel is needed – was political. True. And there is nothing strange in that. If a protest or march is political, then we are on the correct path to democracy, or the rule of the people, through their representatives in their municipalities and in government”, was the reaction of the citizens’ initiative.
The initiative say they do not dispute the fact that the victims were pedestrians and cyclists and were killed due to the negligence of reckless drivers. But as they say, we can not avoid the fact that the sloppiness of drivers stems directly from the City of Skopje because it is acceptable that drivers ‘shoot’ down the streets and boulevards.

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