Popovski: We are correcting the laws the AJM made with the Government


These are the negotiations of political parties included in the Przhino Agreement, because I see no sense in it to include non-government organizations and media associations, said Robert Popovski, a member of the working group of SDSM in talks regarding the media sphere.
According to him, the journalists’ associations should lobby political parties to advocate their interests, however, the political parties should complete the process of negotiation.

“SDSM always strives for transparency during the negotiations in the working groups. Therefore, when we are in the final phase of negotiations, I am looking for a break every three or four hours, so I can share with the public what has been discussed in the negotiating teams. AJM was in talks with the government, so now we have to correct those laws which they had agreed upon or wanted to negotiate. Secondly, are all parties transparent? SDSM stands for long-term solutions where the media will be free, the regulatory bodies are independent and are not party affiliated” said Robert Popovski for “Meta”.

Are journalists’ associations willing to participate in the negotiation process especially when VMRO-DPMNE informs us that it depends not only on them but also on other parties, and the Belgian facilitator Peter Vanhoutte.
For Naser Selmani, the President of AJM (Association of Journalists Macedonia), it is about whether there will be a free and professional media or will it be a controlled propaganda machine in the hands of political parties.

“We want the public to ask why political parties are opposed to the idea of including representatives of journalists and the media in the negotiations? What is so terrible in their proposals, that hey do not want to share with us and with the public? VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM, DUI and DPA have an obligation to the public to explain the solutions agreed regarding the media” said Mr Selmani at today’s protest with the journalists’ associations before the MPs Clubhouse in Skopje.

Otherwise, today’s session between the working groups on the issue of the media was postponed until tomorrow. From inside sources we have learned that the negotiating teams are expected to reach a final agreement tomorrow.

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