Poposki: Tirana and Prishtina have to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Macedonia


Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki, today denounced interference of Albania and Kosovo in the internal affairs of Macedonia as improper and inappropriate

“It is improper, nor appropriate when a Prime Minister or President of a neighbouring country directly interferes in internal affairs, especially not in a period of time after democratically conducted elections and the formation of government. They are sending the wrong signals to the region. This approach is dangerous in a place with a multicultural tradition. It is far from the practice of neighbourly acts of kindness. If we all agree that our future is in Europe, then the fight is to ensure stability, peace, justice and economic prosperity for all citizens. We have always been extremely fair in cooperation with our neighbours. The best would be for them to join us on this path, instead of placing mines which puts us all at risk”, answered Nikola Poposki, on the issue of interference from Tirana and Pristina in the internal affairs of Macedonia.

The reaction comes after the publication of the joint platform between DUI, the Besa Movement and the Albanian Alliance, which emerged after the meeting of party leaders with top officials in Albania and Kosovo.

Earlier, Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati said the officially Tirana does not interfere in the internal affairs of Macedonia but as for the situation after the early parliamentary elections in Macedonia a golden chance appeared for Albanian parties to finally push for the fully implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

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