Numerous diplomatic and consular offices contributed to the decision to invest in Macedonia, as the one of the US Capkon, in which our consul in New York was intensively involved. We should mostly measure 2014 in that direction and it is very successful and encouraging for Macedonia, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Popovski, who has a meeting with the heads of diplomatic and consular missions of Macedonia in the world today in Skopje.

– We would be happy when in 2015 we could multiply the successes in the economic sphere and continue the constructive communication with all countries, especially our neighbors – said Poposki.

He thinks that for a small country like Macedonia, it is important how well will the relations with neighbors be, and this also is one of the priorities in 2015 foreign policy in the context of political tasks, which focus remains on EU integration.

Second priority is economic diplomacy, and the third is the intensification of taking care for the Macedonian citizens abroad.

For Poposki, the attitude of the new Commissioner of good neighborly relations and enlargement negotiations Johannes Hahn, who recognizes that giving recommendations from the EC and their non-implementation by the EU Council doesn’t function as a formula and that legitimate progress of Macedonia for its EU accession must be allowed, is encouraging.