Poposki: It is better when there is a political government that can make decisions

“In this moment, it is very difficult to predict when and in what shape the government would take or whether we will decide to repeat the elections. In practice, it’s better when you have a government with a political mandate, that can make decisions on basis of which you will be able to assess how successful it is” said the Vice premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki in the interview for the Croatian radio – television (HRT).

When asked how he would comment the criticism of Gruevski’s government especially the fights with political opponents or the suffocation of the freedom of the press, Poposki said that the subject is “misused out of proportions” and that “we should see the things more realistically”.

According to Poposki, “if the question was closed in 2009 and Macedonia had entered NATO and had begun the talks with EU, it is legitimate to ask whether it would have come to such heavy political crisis”.

Poposki said that “the biggest guarantee for the region’s stability is when all countries from the region are part of the European Union and, those that want, to be a part of NATO”.