Poposki: How nice it would have been if Plevneliev was like Zhelev 25 years ago


25 years ago, the first country to recognize an independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia came from Sofia, Bulgaria, “followed by all our other friends,” wrote the outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki on his Facebook profile, expressing “gratitude to Bulgaria from Macedonia” .

Poposki said former Bulgarian President Zhelyu Zhelev had a democratic sense and respect for the will of the citizens, adding that it would be nice to see that more from the current Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev.

“… (Zhelyu Zhelev) gave unambiguous support in difficult moments to us as a neighbour. Undoubtedly a great man who deserves all our respect. Those were different times, different people. How good it would be if the one who until yesterday had the same function, Plevneliev, had the same width, vision and respect for the will of the citizens of a neighbouring country. To show strength and wisdom to choose messages of peace, extending a hand and resolute support to all those who will be in the European family soon. It is certainly more useful than chasing myths, creating fake threats and initiating phobias. At the end of the day, we are all people who want peace, gratification in life and respect from our neighbours. Just as we are, “says Poposki on “Facebook” and emphasized that “leaders are here to show us the path leading in that direction and to connect us. ”

Bulgaria, then headed by former President Zhelyu Zhelev, was the first country to recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name on January 15, 1992.

Plevneliev in his last  interview as a Bulgarian president said that “Macedonia should enter the EU, but not the macedonism”.

Rosen Plevneliev was President of Bulgaria until January 19 this year, when the newly elected president Rumen Radev took office.

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