Poposki: Bushtati’s statement is a reflection of his education


It is not good for politicians in the region to meddle for the upcoming elections, said Macedonian Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki commenting on the statement made by the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, who while commenting on the internal affairs in Macedonia, called the Macedonian people “Slavo Macedonians”.

“The aim is to create the image that they manage all political parties in accordance to ethnic character of the region. Understandably, this is done for internal use and for ratings at home. However, these practices are far from normal neighborly cooperation. The best thing to do, before any attempt to demonstrate global leadership, is to take a good look in your own backyard. Therefore, politicians from those countries should be focusing on improving domestic weaknesses”, said Poposki.

He pointed out that problems with the justice system, the fight against crime and corruption, and fundamental human rights are among those identified by the European Commission in our neighbours country, and elsewhere in the world.

“Objectively speaking, we all have more than enough domestic problems to deal with, than others problems. Of course, the foregoing points should be a priority before a politician attempts to engage in ideological interpretations of the Constitution of their neighbouring country. I do not believe that this is a priority for the taxpayers in the country, especially with the unresolved issues we have here at home”, said Poposki.

Regarding the use of the term “Slavo Macedonians”, Poposki said that it reflects Bushati’s education.

“How someone uses a certain term is probably a reflection of their respect and education. We are Macedonians and nothing more or nothing less. No democrat would feel the need to label us in a tribal context. Today, Europe needs a cultural dictionary for 2017, not 1913”, said Poposki.

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