The majority of citizens, namely 66.9%, are against an amnesty, while 58.9% are against early elections, according to the latest poll conducted by “Telma” TV and the non-government organization MCIC (Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation).

In regards to an amnesty for the defendants and participants of the events that took place on 27 April in Parliament, 57.8% disagree with the amnesty, while 37% agree.

The poll shows that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has a convincing lead with a 21.4% rating. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski is behind Zaev by 14%, with growth in his personal rating and for the first time above President Gjorge Ivanov whose rating is in decline and stands at only 6%. Next is Ali Ahmeti with 5.7%, Sela has 3.8%, and escaped fugitive Nikola Gruevski whose position is in free fall and stands at 2.7%.

Great support for Zaev comes from his popularity among Albanians – with 17.6% support he is second amongst ethnic Albanian regarding popularity. The first is the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti with 23%, and third Ziyadin Sela with 16%. The highest rating in this poll is for those who do not trust any politicians – 39.9%.

According to the poll, SDSM’s rating is growing, while the opposition VMRO-DPMNE is in decline. The ruling party has 26.8%, 21.5% voted for VMRO-DPMNE, 6.7% for DUI, Albanian Alliance has 3%, Besa Movement has 2.4% while 21.3% did not vote.

According to ethnicity. VMRO-DPMNE has the highest rating among Macedonians – 30.4% with five percentage points ahead of SDSM, which is 25.5%. SDSM is the first party among Albanians with 27.5%, while DUI is the second with half a percentage less.