The mayoral elections in Skopje will be unpredictable shows the telephone poll that was conducted in the period between the 23rd of September and the 2nd of October and was carried out by “M Prospekt” on request by Telma TV and MCMS on a specimen of 1.560 examinees, with a statistical error of 2.5%.

According to the data, the difference between both candidates for a mayor of Skopje, VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate Koce Trajanovski and SDSM’s candidate Petre Shilegov is 2.5% i.e. it is a small probability that the winner will be known after the first round of the elections.

In total, 37.1 % of the people questioned would vote for Shilegov, 34.6% for Trajanovski, 5.8% for another candidate while 22.5 wouldn’t vote for any candidate. According to the ethnicity of the examinees, Trajanovski enjoys the greatest support from the Macedonians i.e. 42.3 % while 30.9 % would vote for Shilegov. SDSM’s candidate has a greater support among the Albanian voters i.e. 58.6 would vote for Shilegov while 4.8% would vote for Trajanovski.

The situation is similar with the list of counselors for the city of Skopje. 33.8% of the examinees would vote for SDSM’s counselor list, 31.7% would have cast their vote for VMRO-DPMNE’s list, 4% of the examinees have stated positively for DUI’s list, 3.7% for Besa, 0.7% for the Alliance of the Albanians and 2% for another list. Still, 24% of the examinees have said that they wouldn’t vote for any list or didn’t provide an answer.

The poll also shows that the three municipalities in Skopje – Center, Gazi Baba, and Karposh – they could vote a mayor even in the first round of the elections.