Фото: Бојан Блажевски

The respondents in the poll by the Macedonian Center of International Cooperation (MCMC) are divided when it comes to trusting the mayors of the municipalities where they live. More than half (50,6%) said that they trust the mayors, but 47,5% said they don’t. The ethnic Albanians (74,3%) and the members of other communities (59,1%) stressed that they have great trust in local authorities. In regard to the respondents who are ethnic Macedonians (41,3%), a small percentage have agreed with the statement that they trust their mayors. This was shown by the results in MCMS’s last research “Trust in the Government and the local elections.”

The three best mayors, according to the responses in the poll, are Mitko Janchev (Kavadarci), Arben Taravari (Gostivar), and Maksim Dimitrievski (Kumanovo). 10,5% of the respondents have stated this for the first mayor, 7,5% for the second mayor, and 6,8% of the respondents for the third mayor.

When asked for which political party they would vote in the local elections, 22,4% of the citizens have stated they would vote for VMRO-DPMNE, 21,6% for SDSM. The support for DUI and the Alliance of the Albanians is 8% i.e.6,2% and for Levica 5,2%.

For a total of one-third of the citizens, or 34% it is unknown for whom they will cast their vote at the seventh local elections. Out of these, 15,2% have stated they will ignore the elections, and 15,9% have stated they don’t know or declined to answer. The youngest are in largest numbers among those who are uncertain for whom they will cast their vote and are 37,3%.

The poll was conducted by M-Prospect. The data was collected by a telephone poll during the period from the 17th until the 24th of March 2021. The poll was conducted on a national representative specimen of 1,003 respondents.