A large number of police officers including members of special units were embedded at the Archbishop Cathedral of the Macedonian Orthodox Church in downtown Skopje to prevent a possible clash between the demonstrators from “I protest” and supporters from GDOM.

Once the protest outside government came to a finish, protesters from the civil initiative “I protest” headed down “Kliment Ohridski” Boulevard , where they were stopped by a police cordon at Partisanski Odredi boulevard where GDOM supporters marched towards the buses they arrived in from other cities.

Citizens were calling out “Where are your sandwiches,” Get in your buses “,”Jail for Nikola” and “Resign”.

There were no incidents between police and protesters, but there were strong protests because of the buses with supporters from GDOM who fled Skopje.

After a short time after their departure, the situation in the center of Skopje calmed down.