Sulejman Osmani, terrorist who escaped the police day after the action in Kumanovo, in an interview for Kosovo television RTK said that the aim of the group was creation of an Albanian state in Macedonia, following the principle of Republic of Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reports “B92”.

According to him, the group had more than 2,000 fighters. He denied allegations that the group had tangible goals, i.e. that it was paid to cause security crisis, reports portal “Albeu”.

As “B92” reported, Osmani stated for RTK that the group in Kumanovo Divo naselje didn’t surrender because it ran out of ammunition, but because one of them talked to someone on the phone, who told him that there are representatives of OSCE in the settlement.

– We thought that we would be taken by OSCE, not the police. Had we known it would be so, we would not have surrendered, but all of us would have fought to the death – said Osmani.

After his arrest, he was forced to show where the weapons stolen from sentry Goshince was hidden, where he managed to escape the police.