The LGBT rights are not part of the agenda of political parties as was indicated by the analysis of the civil society organization “Subversive Front” which was made according to the questionnaires that were sent to political parties about the coverage of LGBT problems in their platforms.

Members of “Subversive Front” have sent questionnaires to 31 political parties and have received a reply from only five parties: SDSM, Liberal party, DOM, LDP and Levica.

It is very important to fight for human rights for all and that encompasses equal rights for people that are part of the LGBT community, said Kingdom of Netherland’s ambassador, Wouter Plomp.

– In a couple of days we will be celebrating Human rights day, last week we commemorated and celebrated World Aids day. I think it is important to reflect on those days on what has been achieved and still remains to be achieved in countries and that applies to the Netherlands as well as Macedonia. It is important how state’s institutions and authorities deal with diversity. That is one of the reasons why I think it is important to stand up and speak up for rights of all human beings including LGBT community. I think good steps have been made but, as in any society, more steps can be done – said Plomp.