Plomp: I am concerned about the general climate of hate speech


The Ambassador of the Netherlands, Wouter Plomp appeared as a guest on the show “360 degrees“, and stated all countries whose ambassadors had obituaries published on the social network “Imgur,” called Macedonian ambassadors in their countries and requested an explanation about this diplomatic scandal.

“Honestly, when I first saw them, I wasn’t bothered too much. But when the ministry became aware of the pictures, they were very much concerned, and they immediately started to call the Macedonian ambassador to the Hague, to ask what was happening in Macedonia, and so did a lot of the other ministries of the ambassadors concerned. Fortunately, after that we got firm reassurance from the Government of Macedonia that they totally condemn this kind of hate speech towards foreign ambassadors, and that they would do everything in their power to find and sanction those responsible, as well as to provide maximum safety to all the ambassadors”, said Plomp.

The Dutch Ambassador added that he was concerned about the general climate of hate speech and harsh language used after the elections. According to him, it will lead to further divisions, making it more difficult for political parties and the civil sector to work together.

“Working together is exactly what is needed to form that stable government, and that can get the country out of the political crisis. What I would like to say is that what worries me is the harsh language towards the civil society. I think civil society in every country has an important role to play. I feel very much welcome in this country, I love Macedonia. I’ve lived here for one year and a half now, I love the people of Macedonia, and I have no concerns at all”, added Plomp.

The Dutch Ambassador assessed that election day went quite well, but found worrying the criticism directed towards state institutions which came from the ruling party, which surprised Plomp.

“It is that kind of criticism of state institutions that could eventually delegitimize the elections which I think would not be helpful at all. Fortunately, the state institutions have carried out their work, done what they had to do, and as I understand the final stage of the elections will be the rerun of the vote in one polling station in Tearce, and we simply have to wait for the final results. And that of course is of paramount importance, that the sooner the better, as soon as possible, a stable government will be formed that can get the country out of the political crisis”, said Ambassador Plomp.

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