Marijuana greenhouses pop up like mushrooms in Karbinci Municipality


New foil greenhouses for raising hemp, almost ready for the spring season, can be noticed in the vicinity of the Seat of Karbinci Municipality. Around the green houses, video surveillance system and warning signs for electrifed fence are easily spotted. This is the second complex of greenhouses built on an area of approximately 3 hectares in the  municipality of Karbinci.

The Municipality informs that the setting the biggest marijuana plantation at the village of Dolni Balvan are underway. Apart from the two new plantations, the Oaza Alkaloidi Company has been producing hemp for two years. Basically, within a radius of 3 km in this region, there will be three plantations that will be producing hemp flowers. The newest plantation which is underway will take 12 hectares. The land is under lease.

Karbinici Municipality informs that it does not grant the approvals or other administrative documents task other than issuing approvals for setting temporary containers. On the question why this municipality is becoming a Mecca for hemp production, the municipality replies that it has a lot of quality arable land that often remains uncultivated, so the process of granting land lease for greenhouses is smooth.

Close to these marijuana plantations, on the territory of Sveti Nikole Municipality is the MAM company’s plantation,  with Vitse Zaev’s, Prime MInister’s brother, capital.

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