Five months have passed since the Government announced it would tidy up the beaches which are part of the tourist areas Stenje and Slivnica at Prespa Lake, but still nothing was realized. On 11th of July, the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced that it will begin tidying up the 600 meters of beach at Prespa Lake, and that it will encompass the settlements Slivnica and Stenje.

According to the announcements at the time, it was projected this project to be completed within four months in order for them to be ready to welcome the first visitors in the next tourist season. But, despite the announcements, beaches in Stenje and Slivnica are in their original condition until now.

The estimated deadline for implementation of this project was from July until August 2014, and the total value is 40 million denars.

We failed to get a response from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The mobile phone of the spokesman was constantly unavailable.