Pirovska and Najchevska also summoned for police interviews

Professor Mirjana Najchevska confirmed for “Meta” today that she has received a summons for a police interview tomorrow morning at the “Beko” police station to give a statement.

“I do not know what they will charge me with. I have done nothing more than protest peacefully. Perhaps the government is expecting protesters to become violent. After a month of protests, demonstrators have remained peaceful”, says Najchevska.

Along with Najchevska, the Executive Director of the Helsinki Committee Uranija Pirovska also received a summons for questioning tomorrow morning at “Beko” police station. She told our journalists at “Meta” that this kind of intimidation from the Government will not stop the people from protesting.

“I have been summoned for questioning because during a protest I threw paint. I do not intend to stop throwing paint. I believe it is my legitimate right to protest. The Government believes that by questioning us, which probably will not stop anytime soon, they want to scare us, but it is counter-productive. Citizens and I will continue to take to the streets and protest”, said Pirovska.

She later wrote on her Facebook account: “To Chavkov and his deputies: I threw paint, and I will continue to throw paint until we have thrown you out of the institutions which you have occupied. I want justice, and that is why I will continue to colour everything on your list! We will not give up! Until the end!”

“They continue to intimidate us because we demand free thought, but this will only strengthen us. The more they try and silence us, the more united we stand and with more strength. It will not pass, our message is INTEGRITY INSTEAD OF FEAR – FACES INSTEAD OF MASKS! That is why we will show them that they cannot stop us, we call on you all, to join us tomorrow (Wednesday) at 08:45 outside “Beko” police station in Skopje, to support Uranija and Najche who have been called for questioning or what they call an ‘informative’ interview and to send another clear anti-regime message”, read the statement from the “Colourful Revolution”.

Yesterday, the President of the Macedonian Helsinki Committee and well-known law professor Gordan Kalajdziev was also called for a police interview. He was then charged with violating Laws on Public Hygiene for throwing paint. He was given an option of paying a 50 euro fine or community service.