Photovoltaic power plants most numerous among the new energy facilities in North Macedonia last year


There is still a great interest in North Macedonia for producing electricity from the sun and water as renewable sources of energy (RSE) compared to remaining sources of green energy. Like in the previous years, the number of newly built energy plants in the last year were photovoltaic plants, while the small hydro power plants that were built have greater capacity for producing electric energy, show the data provided by the Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission.

According to the Register of power plants that produce electricity from RSE, in North Macedonia, there are 168 photovoltaic power plants, 98 small hydro-powered plants, 3 biogas electric plants, 1 wind park and a biomass plant. Still, this data that was updated by the Energy Agency on the 20th of April show that the small hydro power plants have the biggest power, and because of their size they are producing most of the megawatt-hours of electricity.

The installed power of the small hydro power plants, as of the end of April, is 88,88 MW and is followed by the wind park in Bogdanci with a power of 36,8 MW. Even though the number of photovoltaic plants is the biggest, they only have a power of 23,83 MW. Biogas power plants have a power of 7 MW while the only biomass power plant has a power of 0, 6 MW.

The data provided by the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission indicate that during last year in the country’s electroenergy system, new producers of electricity were connected with an installed capacity of 14,8 MW i.e. 38 new electric power plants have started working that are using renewable sources of energy. Out of them, 6 were hydro power plants while 32 were photovoltaic electric power plants.

The preferential tariff as a measure for supporting the production of electricity from renewable sources of energy was introduced in 2007 while the first electric power plants that were selling the produced electricity according to preferential tariffs began working in North Macedonia in 2010.

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