At the moment, nearby the train station in Gevgelija, crews are working on a resting area that can accommodate 160 people. The area will be intended for women, children and people who have become frail from the journey. The area will operate 24 hours and will be under constant police surveillance. There are going to be twelve shower cabins and toilets, reports Meta’s correspondent from Gevgelija.

The area is developed by UNHCT. There will be toys and items that will animate the children, who will be tended to by psychologists and sociologists.

-Teams from the Red Cross are on the ground every day with medical crew of two doctors, a pharmacist, psychologist and a podiatrist. There are six portable toilets there that are emptied out three times per day, like the garbage containers. There are vaccines and medicine that is not given by prescription- said Sanja Kostadinova, Red Cross coordinator in Gevgelija.

Our correspondents said that in the course of yesterday there were twelve miscarriages on the site and 50 to 60 interventions by the medical crew. The migrants are suffering of cuts, bruises, stomach problems and fatigue. The hot weather is causing some people to faint. Furthermore, it was reported that two migrants were shocked by electricity after climbing the railroad wagons to charge their mobile phones and suffered burns as a consequence.

There are hundreds of migrants who are expecting their transit permits. Some of the are waiting the train to head to Tabanovce from where they will cross to Serbia.

Meta’s correspondent says there are people who have brought enough money to be able to afford a hotel room, but can’t leave without a permit from the Ministry of Interior.

According to unofficial information, the anxiety among the residents of Gevgelija is growing due to an increased number of migrants around the rail station. There had been an attempt for a protest this morning, which failed because of lack of support. Residents of Gevgelija complain that they are afraid to walk near the station at night.

There are reports that some are trying to profit from the situation the migrants are in. There are children who buy sandwiches and try to resell them to the migrants at double the price.