The companies members of the Foreign Investments Council strive for an easier conducting of their businesses in Macedonia, and NATO and the EU are the doors that lead to the easier conducting of businesses, said today at the press conference the President of the Foreign Investors Council, Stefan Peter.

He said that Macedonia within the European Union would be more stable than outside of it, which would mean access to cheaper loans, financial aid from the EU for projects and a stable market for exporting.

-If Macedonia says “No” at the forthcoming referendum it shall lose its credibility and with it the trust i.e. its faith in the future. If the youngsters and the children have no faith in the future, the smartest one will leave and isolation will ensue. A billion euros in financial aid from the EU for various projects, will not come to Macedonia. The denar’s stability could get disrupted, the pressure on the banking sector would increase, and the import and the export will be decreased – said Peter.

He said that the positive aspects that Eu is instigating now will be gone, such as the rule of law, instigation a better living environment and the improvement of the customers’ right.