Performance in front of the government: “We deserve better”


The Coalition of the “Citizens of Macedonia” held a protest performance -with capital letters in photography that were held by activists and together made a massive sign saying, “We deserve better.”

They used this occasion to say that citizens have the right to control politicians, to know their financial situation and should be allowed to ask how they spend their money. They believe that citizens deserve public money be used for their real needs, not monuments, bronze railings, “Mercedes” and exclusive travel.

“We do not deserve a Government that puts our children and grandchildren in debt. We do not deserve a Government that spends finances irresponsibly, like on chocolate when we have no bread. From 2006 onwards, the Government has put us in debt more than 4 billion dollars. Who will pay back this money? Therefore, we demand that the Government stops spending on luxuries they o not need, but to fight poverty. We demand accountability from the Government for everything stolen from the citizens, and the stolen money to be given back to the citizens. In Macedonia for too long we have tolerated corrupt politicians. We want corruption to be a worthwhile activity. We want politicians not feel safe and responsible if they steal, lie and they are corrupt, but to be held responsible” said the “Citizens of Macedonia”.

Activists urged the institutions to function and fight against corruption, and the quality of services of the institutions should not depend on bribery or party pressure.


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