Upon arriving at the army barracks in Kumanovo, President Stevo Pendarovski said that the state leadership is lobbying until the last moment in order for accession negotiations starting date to be granted including the forumation that will value the country’s efforts in the past period. EU’s final decision will be announced tomorrow afternoon, but even if the decision is negative, Pendarovski thinks that the Eu Integration remains the country’s only option.

-The last diplomatic efforts on our part are being made since the issue is not over. Today starts the meeting of EU’s leaders and it will last till tomorrow. The enlargement will be on tomorrow’s agenda around noon when a formal decision will have to be made. The last efforts are being made regarding the formulations that will be used. At this moment I’m not that certain that our request will be rigidly rejected and because of that Prime Minister Zaev and ministers Osmani and Dimitrov including me are lobbying to the last minute in order to receive a formulation that truly values our efforts in the past period – said Pendarovski.

He said that the goal is to gain a starting date for accession negotiations sooner so we can enter into deeper reforms with the assistance from Brussels.