Pendarovski: North Macedonia ready to contribute in making Europe first carbon neutral continent by 2050


Supporting the European Green Deal, North Macedonia is ready to contribute to turning Europe into the first carbon neutral continent by 2050, said the President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski in his speech at the opening plenary session of the World Leadership Summit, part of the Climate Change Conference – COP26, that is taking place in Glasgow.

Pendarovski told the world leaders that North Macedonia’s commitments and ambitious goals are by 2030 to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by 51% compared to the levels of 1990, or 82% of the net emissions in that year. To this regard, Pendarovski stressed, 63 policies and mitigation measure were formulated. They are gender-responsive and connected with the 15 sustainable growth goals, he explained.

“The scientists state that the world probably has just one decade left to fundamentally rethink its development paradigms, to change our life habits and to put our economies on solid and sustainable fundaments. If we ignore these worrisome trends, there will be catastrophic consequences on the environment, the health, the safety of food and water, especially people’s safety and development,” said Pendarovski, who also stressed that what was promised in Paris must be delivered in Glasgow.

He said that North Macedonia, as a EU-membership candidate that is ready to start the accession negotiations is already replicating the EU legislation on the climate change in its national legislation. The goal of the long term strategy for climate action is to transform the country into low carbon economy, strengthening the competitiveness and promoting social cohesion. The inclusion of the whole of the society will help in the fight against unemployment by creating green jobs, lowering the pollution with renewable sources of energy and development of sustainable habits through education. A transparent, coordinated and all-encompassing climate action was conceived in partnership with science, businesses, civil society and the young people. We are completely aware, said Pendarovski, that the international financing will depend on the effective, functional and fair managing on a national and international level.

“We took over these obligations against the several structural challenges in our national economic growth that was hindered by COVID-19’s devastating effect, since we firmly believe that the only sustainable recovery from the pandemic is the economic recovery. If a state with a GDP of US$ 6 000 per capita is completely dedicated to acomplishing these ambitious promises, then each country in the world can accomplish that,” said Pendarovski at the World Leadership Summit in Glasgow.

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