As a person, I am deeply disappointed, replied President Stevo Pendarovski to a question posted by a journalist whether he is disappointed by the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva.

The Head of the State held a press conference today at noon about the “Ransom” case during which he called for a quick and thorough investigation and charges against all involved including political responsibility from all those that are connected with the case.

-Me, publicly, even from the very beginnings of the ransom case, I stated my opinion that I’m disappointed by what I heard and called for a quick and thorough investigation. Instead, the authorized organs have gone on vacation as if it is a regular situation and a routine case. It isn’t any of the above – said Pendarovski.

He stressed that Ransom is an enormous criminal affair that is shaking the foundations of important state institutions and is jeopardizing, more than ever, the trust of the citizens in the politicians and their own state.

-The audio and video recordings that are shared by the media in the past few days have caused a deep disappointment among all of the citizens especially those that have for years under the state of duress and threats from the previous government have protested every day seeking justice. The revolt among the citizens is enormous and is completely justified. Even me as a citizen, as a human, and not as a president, I am disappointed by the betrayal of my own expectations mostly by the people who we were expecting to fight for achieving a legal state – stressed Pendarovski.

The president has asked from the institutions to effectively, quickly and thoroughly finish the investigation and to respect the presumption of innocence, the charges against all involved backed by evidence regardless if they have public functions and political accountability regardless if they are part of the government or the opposition, that have any kind of connection with the case, meaning providing protection for persons under investigation.

-In this context, it is better if those whose names have been revealed, regardless if there is a basis or intentionally, only with the purpose of their discrediting, to submit statements by their own initiative for the purpose to show in front of the law and the public that we are all equal. The public has the right to know our opinions even though it is about the most incredible constructions and speculations that are produced for vile intentions – said the Macedonian president.

Pendarovski stressed that as president he gives complete support for the institutions especially the prosecution and the judiciary and will use all constitutional and legal authorizations to protect them from pressures.

-Also, I shall use all legal authorizations to protect the national security from efforts of its destabilization either from outside or from inside – said the president.