Pendarovski: If there is no census, the institutions will decide


If there is no census in the referendum on Sunday, this means that the decision will be in the hands of the institutions – says the country’s National Coordinator for NATO, Stevo Pendarovski.

According to him, the mood amongst the public regarding the referendum is positive and is increasing. Pendarovski says he expects that a clear message will be sent from the citizens on Sunday.

One day before the end of the campaign, Professor Vasil Tupurkovski, who in the 1990s was directly involved in the talks, expressed his opinion on the referendum. According to him, the agreement with Greece is the only real solution, and on Sunday party squabbles should be put to rest.

“27 years ago, we had a completely acceptable proposal to resolve the problems regarding Macedonian – Greek relations. We did not use that opportunity. Now Macedonia and Greece have created a mutually acceptable solution. To be realistic, this solution is worse, but after 27 years it’s the only real solution. We will not find a better solution after decades of searching and sacrificed generations. So we need to accept the agreement between the two countries,” says Tupurkovski.

The campaign for the referendum ends on Thursday at midnight, and the referendum silence begins. Unlike election campaigns, where a 24-hour silence is planned, the referendum’s silence is 48 hours.

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