Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos again sent a stern message to the Macedonian Government that attempts to falsify history and our attitude towards the refugee crisis, our country will have not have a European future.

In the message for tomorrow’s national holiday, Greek Independence Day, Pavlopoulos focused on the refugee crisis, spoke about Greek solidarity, urged Europe to remember its core values and send a message to the Balkan states that they should show more humanity to refugees .

Indirectly addressing Macedonia, he accused the country of irredentism and attempts to falsify history.

“We demand from neighboring Balkan countries, who have the ambition to integrate into the European Union. We want to point out to them that their claims for certain names, they’re brutally falsifying history and spreading irredentism, but also with their barbaric acts against refugees they do not have a European future because they are directly violating European principles and values”, Pavlopoulos said in a message to mark the Greek national holiday.