Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said Greece has no plans to reverse its veto so Macedonia’s can enter the EU and NATO until the name dispute remains unresolved.

Pavlopoulos, during a visit to the tombs of ancient Macedonia, near the northern Greek city of Naoussa, said that those who dispute the Greek identity of Macedonia can not expect Athens to remove the veto and allow them to enter the European Union and NATO.

“This is a sacred place for the Greek nation and irrefutable historical evidence shows the timeless character of Greek Macedonia. Cynics, those who falsify history, which, unfortunately, are disciples and heirs to culture’s of totalitarian regimes, as can be seen from the recent brutal treatment refugees have suffered, do not have the right to make friends with Greece and, moreover, it is inconceivable they are deceiving themselves that with such views they can join the EU and NATO. Greece’s veto is set and it is non-negotiable”, Pavlopoulos indicated.