“The need for which precautionary measure for seizure of the passport of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev was ordered stopped and the measure the accused to appear in the Basic Court in Strumica every Monday remains.”

With this decision, which the second instance court brought a week ago, Zaev can travel outside the country wherever he wants – except for Monday!

SDSM informed that this decision means permanent return of the passport, without having their leader to return it when his visit to Strasbourg is done.

On 31st of January, MOI filed criminal charges against four people for several crimes in action “Puch”. Detention was determined for Z.V., S.V. and B.P., and the passport of the leader of SDSM was seized because the offense was only attempted.

“A proposal for setting precautionary measure and the obligation of the suspect to periodically report to a designated official, i.e. a competent state body, and temporary confiscation of passport or other document for crossing a state border is submitted”, informed the Public Prosecution at the time.